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Snobar / Restaurant / Homous / Tel-Aviv
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Humous, Tehina, Phul: Snobar's humous and tehina is a blend of Lebanese and Egyptian tastes with some Jordanian spicing thrown in. American "broad-beans" and "Mexican beans" are in fact the middle-eastern "phul". At Snobar phul is prepared traditionally and served with pine-nuts (locally known as "snobarim") and humous, to add subtle taste and garnishing to what is one of the restaurant's most popular dishes.

Pita Bread: Humous, tehina and phul are often eaten with pita-bread. All Snobar's pitas are handmade. Early each day, elderly Yemenites in a small bakery outside of Tel Aviv lovingly hand make and bake every single Snobar pita in a charcoal oven. Hence their fluffy texture, and natural wheaty taste - a perfect counter to Snobar's well-spiced Israeli humous, tehina and phul.

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